Free Medical Consultation 

This service is at the core of our outreaches. Many preventable deaths in our society occur as a result of inability to seek medical attention due to financial constraints. To reduce this high incidence, we carry out regular medical outreaches to provide free medical consultations.  

Our target population are the elderly, women and children living in low income communities of the State. Particular attention is given to those with urgent medical and surgical needs especially the most indigent. 

U-TOLF renders the following basic services during her medical outreaches; 

  1. General consultation and free medications including nutritional assessment of the children 
  1. Eye consultation and screening with provision of glasses 
  1. Hypertension and Diabetes screening 


Total number of persons examined from 2016 – 2022 = 25,624 

  • Total number of patients administered drugs/treatment = 23,327