Children's Vacation Camp

CHIVAC is an acronym for Children’s Vacation Camp. In keeping with the motto of U-TOLF; touching lives everywhere, this idea was borne, to engage children, during the holidays, in various entertaining, informative and educating activities for the promotion and improvement of their wholesome development.
It is an annual event which takes place during the long vacation/summer period, usually between the month of July and August. It is filled with many fun packages like games, skills acquisition, talks, excursions, picnics, drama, dance, etc.
The CHIVAC participants, subsequently, become part of the U-TOLF Children’s Engagement Program (U-CEP), where they acquire and develop more life skills, build capacity in reading, writing, entrepreneurship and general wholesome development.
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CHIVAC debuted in 2016. It was packed with enriching activities including lectures on etiquette, leadership, savings, time management, etc. The children also acquired skills like how to make Ankara purses, cakes, juices and perfumes. They also visited a tourist site for picnic and returned home with lovely gifts. It was indeed a wholesome experience for the children.

CHIVAC 2017 was a little bit different being that it was an “Out-Camp”, that is, it required the children to come from their homes daily but that, in no way diminished the fun. It was equally filled with wonderful and interesting packages. The children had the chance to learn different things from many professionals; eye care, first aid treatment, the signs of child abuse and human traffickers, technological vices, etc. they also learnt know how to make Ankara hair bands and also Tie and Dye fabrics. Like the previous year, they also visited the beautiful Akwuke beach for a picnic and had loads of fun from dancing and games. It was indeed an all-in-one package!

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