Care For The Elderly

“I remember when I was a soldier” … is a popular tone known by all, which could be likened to a song sang by an old solider, who sat and went down the memory lane, reminiscing his youthful years of valour, exploit and zest. But as the bible said in book of Ecclesiastes, there is time for everything; “time to be young and time to grow rickety and old”, these old men and women have fallen back to the society for care. 

The concept of old or elderly people’s home, is considered by many as been alien to our African culture. Whether or not we do not accept this concept, does not in any way, negate or deny the fact that they presently exist in our various communities here in Nigeria. We are more at home and conversant with the fact that, the elderly are being taken care of by their immediate family members. Hence the seeming neglect and exclusion of those old people that are being quartered and taken care of by either the government or some faith based Organisations. 

With the birth of U-TOLF in 2015, its beam light has been focused on some key areas, care for the elderly is one of such initiatives. This is because many of our senior citizens live a lonely and neglected life due to distance from their relatives or death of loved ones. Some of them lack basic food, medicine and care, hence suffer and sometimes die unnecessarily. 

H.E Mrs. Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi, extended her hands of love and umbrella of benevolence to these older citizens. This is geared towards fulfilling biblical injunction, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. It is also to show appreciation for their long years of service and value, remind them that their existence matters and that they are loved. 

Some of the activities to demonstrate this love were routine charity visits to Old people’s homes like the Little Sisters of the Poor Elderly Home and Veterans home in Oji River. 

U-TOLF led by Mrs. Ugwuanyi gives out goody bags containing items like; drugs, life aiding materials, food items, etc. 

Other interventions towards the elderly has also taken place at different U-TOLF outreaches. This is a way of fulfilling our mantra; touching lives everywhere.