Care for the elderly

At the conception of U-TOLF, its beam light was focused on some key initiatives, care for the elderly is one of such initiatives and verifiable moves have been made to roll out plans to actualize this initiative.
Mrs. Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi, the founder of U-TOLF has also extended her hands of love and umbrella of benevolence to the elderly, who eventually forms a part of our society. It is in the bid to pave way for social inclusion of the elderly, that U-TOLF took up care for the elderly as one of its course. Charity visits have been made to some old people’s homes like the Little Sisters of the poor elderly home, U-TOLF went with lots of gifts for these elderly people in their goody bag, items like; drugs, life aiding materials and lots of food items.
Other interventions towards the elderly has also taken place at different U-TOLF outreaches. This is a way of fulfilling our mantra; touching lives everywhere.