Free Cervical Cancer Screening


Free Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Enugu State, Nigeria

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide and contributing to avoidably high levels of cancer deaths in Nigeria. In spite of the relative ease of prevention, there is increase in the incidence of cervical cancer.
In Enugu state, U-TOLF has decided to intervene by providing free screening and treatment to women. Treatments otherwise are usually very expensive and cannot be afforded by the indigent women who in most cases are hugely affected. U-TOLF however, provides this service for free.
This intervention stems from the discovery that a huge number of women are affected by this disease and more so are very ignorant of its dangers. This discovery was made during our outreaches at the local governments in the state. Our experiences show a huge gap in the delivery of cancer interventions especially cervical cancer.
The problem appears daunting in the rural communities and among the indigent. In one of our medical missions in Enugu State, we recorded 16 positive cervical cancer cases that required emergency surgical interventions out of just 92 rural dwellers, largely poor women that were screened. We have recorded about 382 screened cases from various outreaches. Treatment has begun for the screened positive cases.