Care For The Disabled

Disability is a physical or mental impairment that limits (or perceived to limit) one or more major life activities of a person with such an impairment. In many cases, it means a condition in a human being, which renders him/her incapable of a full realization of his/her potential for purposes of participating in the life and the developmental process of his/her society.  

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) have received wide attention being that they make up a social group that is vulnerable to societal discriminations, which add to their despairing experiences. So many dreams are cut short when one develops a physical disability. For some, furthering their education becomes a forgone issue, getting married turns to a mirage, engaging in economic activities becomes seemingly impossible and withdrawal from socialization becomes the norm. 

U-TOLF in taking up projects that will improve the lives of the disadvantaged and indigent in our communities has also engaged in caring for these physically challenged ones in addition to her many undertakings.  

At different U-TOLF outreaches in the state, wheelchairs have been distributed to a number of identified indigent handicapped persons. For example,  

  1. At a program organized by MTN foundation in partnership with U-TOLF at Queens School Enugu, 3 wheelchairs were distributed by U-TOLF to 3 physically challenged persons. 
  2. At a Medical/Indigent Women Empowerment mission at Udenu Local Government, a wheelchair was given to Miss Ugochi Odoh who has been crippled from age of 7. 
  3. During the Indigent Women Empowerment at Udi Local Government, the husband to one of the beneficiaries who has been handicapped for some years also received a wheelchair from U-TOLF. 
  4. During the award of universal basic education scholarship to over a hundred children, a wheelchair was given to one of the scholars; Chigozie Aba. Prior to this, her schooling was suspended at Primary 2 when her condition developed. Ever since, for more than 10 years, she has been out of school because of inability to walk to school and lack of funds. In addition to the scholarship, she was also given a wheelchair to aid her in movement, so that she can resume her studies. 

We also identified some victims whose studies have been affected because of this disability. To such persons, 3-years scholarships were awarded so that they can continue their education, for example Onunze Christopher, whose hearing and speech ability are impaired, was a beneficiary of the scholarship. 

For another challenged person; Miss Nkiru Magbo, who was already a trained caterer before her incapacitation, U-TOLF empowered her with an industrial oven and other essential baking materials.

We have had the pleasure of working on some of these projects with the State Ministry of Health and Tolaram Foundation especially to provide free prosthetic hands and legs to amputees. We have also partnered with MTN foundation and Regina Ogbonnaeke Empowerment Foundation (ROEF) to provide wheelchairs for the handicapped.

Some of the physically challenged persons have also been trained on different skills like baking, carpentry, shoe making, etc and some who are skilled but lacked funding were supported with machines, soft grants and materials to start their businesses. 

It is in keeping with our mission to touch lives everywhere that these were achieved and we intend to do more to care for the very disadvantaged in our midst.

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