Our Journey So Far

Welcome to Ugo’s Touch of Life Foundation Website, U-TOLF is registered NGO under the laws of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

U-TOLF was created for women,most importantly for those in the rural area and our children;especially the girl child and the elderly in our community, with little or no access to basic health care, of which the driving force for U-TOLF formation is the urgent need to close the ever-widening gap between the very rich and the poor in our community. It was further strengthened by the burning passion I have, to contribute my modest quota in the service to humanity.

U-TOLF has lived up to its dream and true to its name by engaging in various activities that has touched and touching the lives of people everywhere.

We have so far done a little, school children deworming, medical missions in rural communities, free breast cancer screening and free cervical cancer screening, General Health care and treatment of minor pre cancer lesions detected early, U-TOLF is willing to do more for the people hence my invitation to you, to join hands to help us eradicate cervical and breast cancer to the barest minimum. All our programs are delivered at NO COST to the receipients from screening to treatment. For our pregnant mothers, we provide birthing kits to them once you register for ante natal care in any health facility where we have our reach.

We also visit primary schools wherever they may be located in the rural communities to deworm children periodically. Because some of our programmes are targeted at women,we seize every opportunity we have to interact with them, to enlighten them about the dangers and health hazards of using fire wood to cook, we encourage them to embrace the clean cook stove to reduce the risk of respiratory and eye ailments.

Finally,We encourage you to join our efforts by getting involved with U-TOLF, whether as a beneficiary or our benefactor, you can equally volunteer or your organization be the philanthropic donor.

Yours sincerely,
Monica Ugochi Ugwuanyi
Founder U-TOLF