In Enugu, U-TOLF has noticed that so many boarding schools either do not have a sick bay or have an ill-equipped sick bay and hence children suffer the risk of travelling several miles to receive basic medical care or resort to unconventional and dangerous means of treatment.

U-TOLF has embarked on interventions to schools. The first of this project took place at Ukey-Ubeagu Community Secondary School in Mbu Community, Aninri Local Government Area in Enugu. A school bay was erected and commissioned. It was equipped with beds, refrigerator, scales, first aid box, couches, waiting bench, etc.

The much-needed sick bay will help to meet the immediate medical needs of students attending the school. This is part of our efforts to address health issues in the state and to touch lives of children. Many more of this will follow.


U-TOLF Project 102 is a scholarship scheme designed as one of the measures to close up the ever-widening gap between the children of the ‘Haves and the Have Nots, in particular Orphans’ within us. It is targeted at helping in the attainment of the important goal of basic education, with an added health insurance, for school children in Enugu State.

Project102, as it is called, is an initiative of Ugo’s Touch of Life Foundation (U-TOLF). It is a scholarship scheme which aims to partner with individuals and corporate bodies to increase the level of literacy through mitigating the high school dropout rates of pupils, particularly from indigent homes.

It is unfortunate that, in spite of the free education in primary and junior secondary schools in Enugu State, some children still cannot afford the basic educational needs like; school uniform, school bags, footwear, exercise books, and text books. The reason for this ugly situation is the fact that either they have indigent parent(s) or, worse still, they are orphans. Consequently, this initiative was conceived to assist in bridging these yawning gaps. For these selected children, therefore, it is the dawn of a new era.

The beneficiaries of Project 102 were rigorously selected from among the poorest members of each community, in the 17 local government areas of Enugu state. For the first year, Project 102 has selected over 102 beneficiaries, and this will hopefully be scaled up each year to enlist more indigent pupils. In addition, each scholar shall be provided with basic health insurance coverage for 3 years to ensure that they stay healthy during the course of their studentship.

Well-meaning members of the society and philanthropic organisations are invited to kindly sponsor one or more scholars, in this scheme. The sponsorship of a scholar for three academic sessions is estimated to cost a token and all such scholars shall be linked to their sponsors.

U-TOLF Project 102 is about keeping all children of school age in school through ensuring that they are equipped with the required basic school needs and stay healthy. Ultimately, this project will ensure that all Enugu State children get the great opportunity they deserve in life.