Free School Children De-Worming

When tapeworm inhabits the intestinal wall of man, it may cause anemia, abdominal pain, vomiting and loss of appetite especially in children.  A child infested with worm will not be able to attend sch1ool and his wholesome development will be adversely affected.

Thus, during every medical outreach organized by U-TOLF, it maximizes the opportunity to de-worm children and educate them on personal hygiene especially the proper washing of hands. U-TOLF carried out its first de-worming exercise in Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State in 2016. Ever since, it has de-wormed over 6000 children in the state at various outreaches in schools, churches, fairs and many other events.

In 2017, U-TOLF began massive administration of Albendazole Capsules (for de-worming) which was donated by Vitamin Angels International Organisation. This exercise is carried out by trained health workers at different Health Centres located at all the 17 Local Government Areas of the State. Given the impressive administration of the de-worming project, in 2018, Vitamin Angels donated more drugs to U-TOLF including Albendazole, vitamin A Tablets and multivitamin supplements for expectant and nursing mothers.