U-TOLF/UNICEF Birth Registration Awareness

Count every child and let our children count…

Birth registration is an important aspect for children’s protection. It occurs mostly during the very first month of a child’s life.

The need for birth registration cannot be overemphasized because it gives a child an identity, name and nationality for their lifetime and therefore, a fundamental human right. However, birth registration is often overlooked due to the continuing lack of awareness.  According to UNICEF; In Nigeria about 70 per cent of the 5 million children born annually are not being registered at birth.

This gap has propelled the initiative by U-TOLF to scale-up awareness on the need for birth registration, in partnership with UNICEF and National Population Commission (NPopC). Massive mobilization has begun in Enugu State on this; campaigns have been taken to all the Local Governments of Enugu State on the importance of birth registration. NPopC registrars in all the Local Governments are collaborating with U-TOLF focal persons from all the wards in the state to register unregistered births. This campaign has produced tremendous results so far, mothers and caregivers have trouped in their large numbers to register their children and wards at every point of registration.

This campaign has therefore set Enugu State on the path to having all children state, counted.