International Day of the Girl child #IDG2023

In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl child #IDG2023, U-TOLF organized a Girls Empowerment Summit on Friday, the 13th of October 2023. This summit convened some of the brightest young minds and influential change-makers to discuss, strategize, and catalyze a future where every girl can realize her full potential. This summit is a testament to the collective dedication to breaking barriers, amplifying voices, and creating a world where girls are not just beneficiaries but key architects of their destiny.


U-TOLF in collaboration with Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Enugu organized a FREE BREAST AND CERVICAL SCREENING on Saturday, 14th October, 2023. The Free Breast and Cervical Screening Initiative unfolded as a beacon of hope, a promise of early detection, and a commitment to breaking down the barriers that often stand in the way of preventive care. This activity is an embodiment of the collective efforts and unwavering dedication of healthcare professionals, volunteers, and the women who entrusted us with their health. Through countless screenings, conversations, and moments of compassion, this initiative illuminated the path to early intervention and care for all as over 200 women were screened and several conversations about their health were discussed.

Flag off of the HPV Vaccine

On the 24th of October, 2023, U-TOLF participated at the Enugu State flag-off of the introduction of the HPV Vaccine into the Expanded Routine Immunization program. We are proud to support this incredible milestone in the health sector of our State and Country! 
Our organization is committed to a healthier future. We donated visibility materials that would be used by mobile health providers for the HPV vaccination to ensure increased awareness about this life-saving vaccine.  The launch of the HPV vaccine into the State Immunization routine program is a testament to the power of collaboration. The Enugu State Primary Health Care Agency (ENSPHCDA) and the Enugu State Ministry of Health, represented by Dr. Ifenyiwa Ani-Osheku and Prof. Emmanuel Obi, respectively, led the charge, working closely with @utolf, @unicef_nigeria, @sydani, @whonigeria, @Gavi, @nphcda and other partners. At the launch, we were honored to join forces with these incredible organizations and individuals who share our passion for safeguarding health.  Together, we are championing the cause of HPV prevention.

HPV Market Sensitization

Raising Awareness for a Healthier Future, we had the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of our market sensitization efforts on HPV vaccination. Together, we’re breaking down barriers, dispelling myths, and empowering our community to prioritize their health. The power of knowledge is evident here – it’s a reminder that together, we can make a difference. Let’s continue to spread awareness, encourage immunization, and pave the way to a healthier future for all.

Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) Week

In support of the Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) week organized by the Enugu State Ministry of Health, U-TOLF made a donation of over 500,000 doses of Vitamin A supplements for children. The Honorable Commissioner of Health, Dr. Emmanuel Obi was happy to receive the commodities. We are able to sustain this program through the years with the aid of our donor partner @vitaminangels, millions of children across the South Eastern States of Nigeria have benefited from these supplements through our support.