Leadership is naturally bestowed on some people. Some acquire leadership skills through some sort of formation. For those that seem to have natural leadership traits, some training are still required to build and improve their leadership skills. It is therefore highly important to equip young people with leadership skills at an early age.

Ugo’s Touch of Life Foundation (U-TOLF) has developed and designed leadership training for young people as part of her Girl/Boy Child Initiatives to touch the lives of those in our society by equipping our young ones with fundamental leadership skills, to influence their environment positively. One of such training was held in collaboration with Department for International Development (DFID) were secondary school head girls were hosted and mentored on leadership. There were also other activities to make the program more encompassing. Health talks and awareness on Breast Cancer and Female Genital Mutilation were delivered by the Volunteer Medical team of U-TOLF. The girls were also trained on how to make Ankara purses by two participants of U-TOLF Children’s Vacation Camp (CHIVAC) 2016.

U-TOLF will continue to touch lives positively by implementing programs to groom the young ones to become healthy responsible citizens and great future leaders in the society.


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