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U-TOLF was created for women, most importantly for those in the rural area and our children;especially the girl child and the elderly in our community,with little or no access to basic health care,of which the driving force for U-TOLF formation is the urgent need to close the ever-widening gap between the very rich and the poor in our community.

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U-TOLF has lived up to its dream and true to its name by engaging in various activities that has touched and touching the lives of people everywhere.

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Finally, We encourage you to join our efforts by getting involved with U-Tolf, whether as a beneficiary or our benefactor,you can equally volunteer or your organization be the philanthropic donor.

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A society where all persons have the opportunity and capacity to access and provide for their basic needs.

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To touch lives  through community development, women empowerment, medical interventions and promotion of the holistic well being of children most especially the girl child.

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Touching lives everywhere…
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